Equipment of the system
Equipment of the system

Full name: Not specified (copyright requirements)

Customer: “PPA Slavutich” LLC, Kyiv

End user: Not specified (copyright requirements)

Purpose of system development:

The system is intended for the reliable control of safety-relevant parameters of the technological process and displaying them to the operational personnel in order to prevent and reduce the risk of occurrence and progressing of emergency processes, mitigation of their consequences.

Tasks that were solved by “EC “Teredo” LLC during project implementation:

  • design of redundant structure and system solutions
  • equipment and measuring instrumentation selection
  • development of design documentation
  • equipment assembly
  • PLC and HMI programming
  • development of operational documentation
  • technical support at all stages of testing


Attributes Values
Performance Redundant system
Type of redundancy Duplication
PLC Mitsubishi series Q
HMI Mitsubishi GT1685, 12.1"
Synchronisation channel between system kits Duplicated optical line, Ethernet, receive data checking
Analogue inputs 4-20 мА 8 in each cabinet of SHC, isolated
Analogue outputs 4-20 мА 1 in each cabinet of SHC, isolated
Analogue inputs Pt100 2 in each cabinet of SHC, isolated
Digital inputs 24 VDC 8 in each cabinet of SHC, isolation between external and internal circuits
Digital outputs 24 VDC 6 in each cabinet of SHC, isolation between external and internal circuits
Digital outputs 220 VAC 3 in each cabinet of SHC, isolation between external and internal circuits
Power supply 2 inputs 220 VAC 50 Hz in each cabinet of SHC
Total electric power Peak load: 400 Watts
Normal load: 200 Watts
Nitrogen pressure in cylinders 20 MPa

The package includes measuring instruments, cable products, spare tools, mounting accessories, operational and design documentation.

Main functions: Not specified (copyright requirements)

Auxiliary functions:

  • measurement and transformation of analogue and digital information
  • information synchronisation between kits of software and hardware complex (SHC)
  • data exchange with another PAS (ACS) via digital channels
  • input parameters processing
  • alarming
  • archiving
  • information displaying
  • registration of events, violations, malfunctions, operator actions
  • control of actuators of the piezometric level sensor
  • recipes for quick algorithms adjustment
  • diagnostics

Execution specifics:

  • two fully redundant sets of equipment, on the basis of which the duplicated technological safety-related parameters monitoring system is implemented
  • SHC cabinets synchronize information via duplicated optical Ethernet channel with arrival control of data packets
  • redundant power input 220 V 50 Hz
  • redundant network communication channels with external higher layer systems
  • redundant level control system using the piezometric method (controlled blowing of nitrogen through the measured medium)
  • blocking the possibility of simultaneously manually actuating of a actuators (actuators of piezometric level gauges), changing the settings on both sets
  • PLC and HMI with real-time operating systems
  • blocking unauthorized connections of external media

The equipment underwent laboratory confirmations of compliance with the specified technical regulations (directives):

  • The Low Voltage Directive (LVD)
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Directive

EFI - External Factors of Influence

The equipment underwent laboratory confirmations of compliance with the requirements of resistance to external factors of influence (operating and marginal values):

Environment influences:
relative humidity
ionizing gamma radiation
concentration of corrosion-active agents
dust concentration
sinusoidal vibration
seismic effects (earthquake)
Changing the power supply settings:
voltage deviations
voltage failures
voltage fluctuations
frequency deviation
Special facilities:
alkali solutions
acid solutions

Photos of system equipment

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