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Software Verification
Software Verification

Verification – briefly about the main

Software verification is an important step in the development of software-based products in many industries. Mandatory verification, according to the legislation (both ukrainian and international), should be performed for software, which takes part in the performance of safety functions and functions important for safety.

“EC “Teredo” LLC offers a service of software verification for automation tasks:

  • Application Software for Programmable Logical Controllers (PLC)
  • Application Software for Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)
  • Application Software for Automated WorkStations (AWS), dispatch programs: SCADA
  • Application Software for Microprocessor Devices
  • Application Software for micro- and minicomputers, used in automation systems

Verification Goals

Main Verification Goals:

  • Confirmation of software compliance to the requirements to specification, structure, elements, self-diagnostics and self-control
  • Checking the consistency of the results obtained at each stage of software development with the requirements established in the previous stages
  • Obtaining data that enables analysis and evaluation of software quality params

Terms and target audience

We work according to direct agreements (contract, general contract) and on the basis of subcontracting.

This offer may be useful for:

  • Enterprises that develop software for high reliability and safety automation tasks (tasks that require independent verification)
  • Enterprises that hire software developers for subcontracting and have a desire to carry out independent control (audit) of the activities of subcontractors

Verification covers all stages of automation systems life before commissioning and perform according to the requirements and norms of the legislation.
The object of verification, in addition to the software itself, is the documents governing its technical requirements and the operational documents.

Verification results documentation

The following documents are being developed during the verification process:

  • Verification plan
  • Verification report
  • Verification logs
  • Verification protocols

Examples of completed projects

To view reports on the completed projects click here.

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