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Equipment Assembly
Equipment Assembly

“EC “Teredo” LLC, on the basis of its own production facilities, provides equipment assembly service for solving automation and informatisation tasks.

We work according to direct agreements (contract, general contracting) and on the basis of subcontracting.

This service may be useful for those enterprises where there is a lag from production plans.

We offer technical assistance in the equipment assembly in the following directions:

  • Production of equipment according to the provided design documentation
  • Production of equipment according to the technical specification: development and coordination of design documentation with the Customer is carried out
  • Equipment design: development of design documentation, 3D-models
  • Selection of components
  • Nodular assembly of equipment on the territory of OUR or YOUR company

We provide the equipment assembly service in the following categories:

  • Electrical cabinets
  • Electrical shields
  • Electrical control desks
  • Network cabinets
  • Server cabinets
  • Cabinets for optical interfaces
  • Stands for sensors
  • Hydraulic/pneumatic/gas stands
  • Automation Workstations (AWS)

All the nuances and specifics of the work are agreed with the Customer. If necessary, selection of components is carried out on the basis of operating experience of similar samples of equipment.

After the assembly procedure is completed, all equipment undergoes offline testing and configuration. If necessary, we organise confirmation of compliance with technical regulations, technical specifications, technical requirements in accredited laboratories.

The quality of our work is ensured by advanced production conditions, by using of modern equipment, by the experience of our specialists and reliable equipment suppliers.

Examples of completed projects

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Our experience – for the success of your business! WAITING FOR YOUR APPEALS!