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Mitsubishi PLC Programming
Mitsubishi PLC Programming

Programming of Mitsubishi PLC’s – briefly about the main

PLC programming is an important step in the development of PAS (ACS). The reliability and the completeness of the functionality of automated complexes largely depend on the quality of the software.
Software quality is an extremely multi-factorial comprehensive indicator. The final indicators of the controller software quality are the reboot tolerance and the number of hidden failures. A prerequisite for writing a high quality program code is having a sufficient amount of practical experience of a programmer in matters of executive mechanisms control, databases functionality, information transformation and transfer technologies (cybernetics issues).
Therefore, choosing a software developer is an important task, that needs to be solved when hiring subcontractors to develop controller software.

“EC “Teredo” LLC offers a service of Mitsubishi PLC programming and adjustment:

  • Controller series: F, iQ-F, L, Q, iQ-R
  • In case of absence, we develop software algorithms of any complexity (in case of presence of a technologist of processes to be automated)
  • Implement software according to ready-made algorithms of any complexity
  • We have experience in software development for high-reliability systems: redundant architectures, safety systems, safety features
  • We have experience in developing fault-tolerant algorithms: tolerance to controller reboot, limitation of simultaneous access to functions from different working points, reliability control of the entered data, shockless transitions from mode to mode, algorithm continuing of from “stop point”, “simulation” modes
  • We pass open source codes along with executables
  • Software testing before passing to customer: standalone and integrated (on the object of automation)
  • If necessary, we can do software development on the territory of the сustomer – near the object of automation
  • Remote software correction, testing, diagnostic (using remote access technologies)

Terms and target audience

We work according to direct agreements (contract, general contract) and on the basis of subcontracting.

This offer may be useful for:

  • Enterprises in the machine tools, engineering, instrument and construction industries – developing new or adjusting ready-made software to adapt to new machine / device modifications
  • Enterprises engaged in the development of PAS (ACS) and require the work of subcontracted programmers

Programming results

The results of the software development are:

  • Source codes of the developed programs
  • Executable (compiled) codes of the developed programs
  • Algorithm Album or Algorithm Description (optional)
  • Adjustment: download software to controller, adjust and testing of algorithms on hardware (on request)

Examples of completed projects

To view reports on the completed projects click here.

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