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Mitsubishi Diagnostics
Mitsubishi Diagnostics

About Mitsubishi Diagnostics

Specialists of “EC “Teredo” LLC perform diagnostics of Mitsubishi controller equipment and industrial automatic machines / automatic lines operating on the basis of Mitsubishi PLCs.

We perform complex diagnostics:

  • Define (localize) the place of failure
  • Determine the reason of failure

If possible, we perform repairing and restore the working capability of technological equipment.

We work with Mitsubishi PLCs of all series and lines.

In addition to the controllers, we perform troubleshooting of electrical devices and technologies of Mitsubishi and other manufacturers:

  • Operational panels
  • Frequency converters
  • Servo
  • Industrial networks

“EC “Teredo” LLC specialists arrive on demand throughout Ukraine both on weekdays and weekends and perform:

  • connection to devices for reading diagnostic information
  • test checks to locate the fault location
  • revision of electrical connections (if necessary)
  • testing of electrical and electrical equipment: motors, frequency converters, contactors, soft starters, regulators, overload and overcurrent protection devices, sensors, etc. (if necessary)

Terms and target audience

Service is provided on contract terms.

In urgent cases and on weekends, departure can be carried out on the basis of arrangements.

Typical deadlines: 2 days. In case of complex cases – it may be longer.

If equipment is completely repaired, than enough time is allocated for operational equipment testing. During this time, specialists stay on place and waiting while tests run will completed.

Our company and specialists have all necessary permissions, medical certificates and successful pass of periodic examination of knowledge.

Diagnostics results

The result of the diagnostic process is fault defection report and current versions of software codes that operate on the equipment.

The fault defection report, in addition to localizing the place of failure, contains the reasons of failure and recommendations for their elimination.

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