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We bring to your attention the following information about our competitive advantage

Competitive Advantages of “EC “Teredo” LLC by Michael Porter:

  1. Individuality of solutions. Teredoengineering company and we are doing. not only a banal resale of finished products. By designing and designing, we select and adapt the equipment to your specific conditions.
  2. Versatility of Solutions.We manufacture electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, gas products (and their arbitrary combinations) for automation at the same time.
  3. Versatility approaches. We carry out both turnkey projects and subcontracting.
  4. “Culture of exploitation”. We must definitely understand and take into account the “exploitation culture” of your production in order to achieve the additional quality of the product and the convenience of its intended use..
  5. Save your financial costs. Teredo – Teredo is a young team and as long as we are developing production costs lower than our older and experienced colleagues (competitors). Due to this we are able to offer quality equipment and services at lower prices.
  6. Modern design and construction methods. We build and establish production processes using the latest advances in science and technology: techniques, methods, approaches, technical and software tools. We use visual design (3D) design.
  7. We are in the trend. Activities to visit exhibitions, conferences, seminars, training courses for employees of various activities are included in company plans at the official level (as public holidays on public holidays). If something new is coming up in the world – we’ll definitely find out and offer it to you!!
  8. Increased availability”. We have gained and are using the extensive experience of multilateral harmonization of the TSA: technical tasks, test programs and techniques, quality plans, acts and protocols, reports, etc.
  9. Adequate mobility. We do not have our own planes and corporate trains, but there are cars for our (Ukrainian) roads. Ready to arrive in agreed time for the pre-contractual and contractual terms and conditions.
  10. 3 years guarantees for industrial products after commissioning or a 4 year warranty from the time of its delivery (which will be the first)).